Localisation Focus - Volume 11 - Issue 1

Localisation Focus - The International Journal of Localisation



  1. Pattern-based Enhancements to Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm by Murhaf Hossari, Arthur W S Cater
  2. A Mixed-methods Study of Consistency in Translation Memories by Joss Moorkens
  3. A Communicative Approach to Evaluate Web Accessibility Localisation Using a Controlled Language Checker: the Case of Text Alternatives for Images by Silvia Rodriguez Vazquez, Jesus Torres del Rey
  4. Localisation Issues of Software Shortcut Keys by Gintautas Grigas, Tatjana Jevsikova, Agne Strelkauskyte
  5. A Flexible Decision Tool for Implementing Post-editing Guidelines by Celia Rico Perez
  6. XLIFF and LCX: A Comparison by Asanka Wasala, Dag Schmidtke and Reinhard Schaler